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A Static Lullaby: A Freegal Album Review

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Cover art for ...And Don't Forget to Breath

I’ve looked at many alternative rock subgenres and associated acts for these Freegal album reviews but I’m constantly finding forgotten favorites and hidden gems. If you’ve followed any of my posts I’m sure you’re familiar with my post-hardcore leanings. Today I’d like to present yet another post-hardcore adjacent band for your listening pleasure. For our first foray into the wild world of screamo may I introduce the group, A Static Lullaby. While some post-hardcore enthusiasts and bands may reject the term “screamo”, I’ve found it to be a succinct way to describe various sonic subtleties that warrant a sub categorization. Screamo, just like emo but with an extra helping of screams! As always, if you haven’t heard about our free music streaming service Freegal you can read all about it here.


…And Don’t Forget to Breathe was released way back during screamo’s golden age in January of 2003. A Static Lullaby’s first album, the band would go on to release three more albums over the next five years without really breaking into the mainstream. Often overlooked or perhaps overshadowed, A Static Lullaby has not been as fondly remembered as many of their peers from the decade. Which honestly is a shame because they are a genuinely talented group with a heap of catchy songs.

For a debut album the production is really quite good. The overall mix is well balanced and each element is easily discernible despite the multitude of layers and heavy guitar distortion. The lead vocals and screams sound huge and cut right through the intensity of the instrumentation. I’m an instant fan of anything with nice crunchy guitars and the pair played here are full bodied and energizing. The drum work across the album is top notch with the variety of beats and fills keeping every song feeling unique and fresh. This is a heavy sounding album all around.

Stand out tracks include “Lipgloss and Letdown” and “The Shooting Star that Destroyed Us All”. Both songs feature intense double kick drumming and powerful vocal performances delivering some fantastically catchy melodies. I guarantee the chorus to “Lipgloss and Letdown” will instantly burn itself into your subconscious. The song structures aren’t too predictable and the trajectory of the songs keeps listeners on their toes.

A Static Lullaby playing live

If the song titles aren’t enough of a hint, the lyrical themes of the album are pretty typical of this genre. There’s plenty of your usual early emo angst and despair but it’s delivered in earnest. If you can’t take the sentiment of lines like “before you kill your idols, kiss them goodnight” seriously, the theatrics and hyperbole are entertaining nonetheless.

… And Don’t Forget to Breathe is not a genre defining release or essential listening for those looking to get into screamo or post-hardcore. However, it is a solid and competent album that holds up really well. It’s almost impossible to listen to without feeling like you’ve been transported back to a simpler, more innocent time. If you’re a fan of this style or heavy rock in general, …And Don’t Forget to Breathe is sure to please.

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