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Adventures in Outreach - Summer 2022

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Hello! As we wrap up another summer and finish off the Summer Reading program and the summertime events, I feel happy with how everything went this year. For outreach, we concentrated on a wonderful partnership with Caldwell School District and visited some of the Oasis Feeding Sites in July. We were able to stop by 4 locations and provide activities and giveaway kits for the families who came out. Our kits were funded by a grant from the Idaho Commission for Libraries. Thanks to our wonderful team of summer reading volunteers, we were able to give out an amazing number of kits to the community.

Staff was also able to do storytimes at the Indian Creek Plaza, and headstart storytimes to La Adelita and Casa de los Colores. All the kids had so much fun listening to the different stories provided by so many of our staff members! Staff enjoyed reading outside of the library and reading some of their favorite picture books. They also liked being able to see the looks on all the kids faces when they did some of the interactive storytimes.

Our homebound delivery route is expanding and we have been so happy to make sure our patrons who can no longer visit the library are getting the materials that they want. Are you or a family member interested in homebound services? Make sure you fill out an application if you are interested in starting up some services! Thanks to the Friends of the Library for making sure that we always have enough bags for our homebound patrons. We appreciate everything that you provide for our library!

Other fun things that we have been able to do is drop off some books to the Canyon County jail so that inmates have reading materials, make sure to bring calendars and books to community partners such as our Laundromat Literacy Center, Farmway Village, or Salvation Army, and rotate our care center kits to different centers so that everyone is able to read something they enjoy. Here's hoping that fall is a great season as well!

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