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Easing into E-Resources: Freegal

Updated: Jan 3

You may be familiar with many of the materials that you have access to at our library, such as books, CDs, audio-books, magazines, and DVDs. But are you familiar with the array of resources that are available electronically? Do you know what an electronic resource is? For those of you who are willing to take a journey into the vast world of electronic resources, this blog series is for you.

Every day physical media’s presence is becoming less pronounced in our rapidly shifting digital world. While some more collectible forms of media like vinyl have seen a resurgence, more and more of our entertainment content is online. When was the last time you purchased a physical copy of an album? How about the last time you checked out a CD from your local library? If you’ve followed our blogs here, you know our library already offers e-books, e-audio-books, and many more digital resources to our patrons. But what about music?

Being a teen in the early/mid-2000s meant my world revolved around CDs and low-quality mp3s, but like most at that exciting age I didn’t have much money to spend on albums. My local library was essential to my discovery of music that fit my interests and afforded me the chance to explore artists I may not have otherwise. Having access to all that music for free expanded my experience and broadened my tastes. In hindsight my library’s collection was modest, but I always seemed to find something new and exciting. There was nothing more thrilling than finding my new favorite band’s CD buried in the library’s bin of “Rock” music.

Being a smaller library, our collection of music CDs is necessarily limited and in our age of streaming and digital music stores, seems almost quaint. Surely, libraries with their old-fashioned compact discs have been rendered obsolete. Right?

Not so! Your local library might just be more hip than you think. If it’s still cool to be hip that is.

Did you know that your very own Caldwell Public Library is a music streaming and downloading provider? With Freegal and your library card, you can stream nearly 15 million songs from 40,000 labels including Sony Music’s massive catalog of artists. You also get access to thousands of music videos and free downloads of your favorite songs. That’s right, 3 DRM free song downloads a week. Plus, there are no annoying ads to endure!

With your Caldwell Public Library card and Freegal, you can relive those exciting teen years! Whether it’s rocking out like it’s 2003 again to a victory records compilation, or dusting off some of those unforgettable golden oldies, your library can deliver. And you don’t need to be stuck behind your PC to enjoy Freegal. Simply download the Freegal app to your Android or IOS device and listen on the go! So, pop in, stream your favorite artists, discover something new, download a few hot tracks, and lose yourself to the music.

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