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Easing Into E-Resources - Our Website: Library of Things

Updated: Jan 4

The Library Website

We have previously explored the basics of the library website, now I will introduce you to a wonderful section that highlights a unique collection of items we loan out. This special collection is called the Library of Things.

Library of Things

Have you ever wanted to try out a product or a tool but don't know if you are ready to commit to purchasing everything needed? Or maybe you just need to repair something quickly but don't have the right tools for it and will only use it once. Then the library of things is a great option for you! The library of things is "a unique collection of non-book items available for check-out from the library."

This collection has everything from musical instruments to sewing equipment. Maybe you are interested in starting up a new hobby but you're not sure if it is the right one for you. The library of things is a great way to check out if you really are interested in crochet or if you are maybe more of a painter. You may be surprised to find out that a lot of libraries have this type of a collection and that there is a vast range of items that can be loaned out.

What Does Caldwell Public Library Offer?

Our library has an array of items that you can check out. Sorted into five sections, we have items for: technology, learn at home, outdoor activities, games, and wellness. Under each section you will find an interesting item that could be your next checkout. One of my favorites that stood out to me was the Make it Take it Podcast kit which includes an Olympus digital voice recorder, 3 CAD condenser recording microphones, and some Pop Filters. As someone who is regularly recording at my home computer station (aka my "battle station..." I play a lot of video games...) these items are fun to play with and honestly, at this time, pretty much standard now for video creation, meetings, and education. The more familiar you can get with these items, the better!

I was also drawn to the Ukulele kit which includes a music book and a clip-on tuner. I think ukuleles are great instruments to introduce you or your child to music, singing, and just the general joy that comes from musical expression. They are easy to handle, easy to tune, and there are so many songs that can be learned and built upon. Easily one of the most popular instruments out there right now, I don't remember the last time I saw our ukulele kit in person since it's been checked out so often! Make sure you add it to your list so you can explore this tiny instrument soon!

The Library Consortium Collection

There is a vast array of kits available throughout the rest of the libraries within our delivery system, including a Space kit, a Hiking kit, and even a Dyslexia kit. Some of the kits you can have delivered to our library, and others you would have to pick up at the owning library and return to the owning library. However, if you really needed to borrow a sewing machine, and didn't mind heading over to Nampa Public Library, you can grab a Sewing Machine kit with your library card and get to work on your project without spending a dime!

Help us Build our Collection

We love suggestions for anything for our library collection since we are trying to make sure we provide as many items as possible that our community would like to borrow, however, we are very interested in your ideas for our kit collection. We want to be able to offer a range of things for all ages, interests, and languages, so please let us know what would be valuable to you! You may submit any suggestions at any time for any item by filling out this form. Thank you for all your support of your library and I hope you get to borrow one of our "things" soon!

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