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Meet the Staff: Emily Riggan

Picture of Emily in front of book shelf

Hi, I'm Emily! As the technical services assistant, my job is to help process books, movies, and other items to get them ready for checkout. I started out as a library volunteer for a couple of summers in high school, and a few months after graduation I realized I wanted to make working in libraries my career. I'm passionate about libraries and I love everything they do to improve communities. I recently got my associate’s degree in library science. I've enjoyed working at a couple of different libraries over the last few years and I'm excited to be serving the city of Caldwell! I live in Emmett on a farm with lots of adorable animals (including about a million goats). When I'm not working or doing farm stuff, I love reading, watching movies, and occasionally doing art.

My favorite books tend to be either realistic fiction or fiction that blends reality and fantasy. I read all kinds of things, but I tend to gravitate towards the Young Adult section. I also love graphic novels!

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