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Meet the Staff: Fiona May

The mission of the Caldwell Public Library is to "provide services and information to connect, enrich, and inspire our community." Library staff strive to provide the best possible experience for our users - both in-person and online. We understand the importance of building trust with our users and helping them find the resources they need. Over the next several months, we will highlight each of our staff members and the work they do to provide excellent library services to you - our users.

Fiona May - Youth Services Supervisor

An image of Fiona May in Serenity Park

Looking for "Captain Underpants"?

I'm your librarian.

Need a book recommendation for your reluctant 5th grade reader? I'm happy to make recommendations and even include a short "book talk" for titles I've read.

My name is Fiona, and I've been working in libraries helping kids, teens, and their families for over a decade. You'll usually find me in the Kids' Room but if not, please ask whether I'm available!

I plan and lead programs for kids here in the library, but I also go out to schools and events to lead storytimes and get people excited about the library.

I select which books and movies are purchased for youth, which includes babies, kids, and teens, and I am always open to your suggestions for new material. I am part of several community groups that work with kids, including the Mayor's Youth Master Plan committee, the Treasure Valley Education Partnership, and the Caldwell HUB.

What's my favorite flavor of ice cream? Vanilla with raspberry swirl.

In a nutshell, if you have questions, and there's a youth connection, let's talk!

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