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Worth Reading: New Picture Books

Is your family stuck reading the same picture books over and over? Our New Book shelves for print books (e-books are a discussion for another day) are full and waiting for YOU! Let's take a look at a few newer titles.

Cover photo of "Welcome to the Party" African-American woman holding up her baby

Welcome to the Party by Gabrielle Union, illustrated by Ashley Evans. 2020. This sweet, rhyming text welcoming a new baby to the family is perfect for sharing. Start a discussion with your little princes and princesses about how wonderful it was to welcome them to your family! The rollicking phrases feel like a celebration, and the bright images make it clear who is the center of everyone's attention.

Snakes on the Job by Kathryn Dennis. 2020. Snakes with shovels and wheelbarrows? Snakes driving cranes and loaders and dump trucks? What are they building anyway? This rainbow work crew of snakes is perfect for the vehicle-lovers and builders in your life. Stay tuned to the very last page and you can see what they're working so hard to complete.

Cover photo of "Vote for Our Future" a bunch of kids running, one holding a sign that says "Vote for Our Future"

Vote for Our Future by Margaret McNamara and Micah Player. 2020. Kids can't vote, so why talk to them about voting? Open this inspiring story and find out! A school full of fun-loving, curious, energetic young people closes one day every other year for a very important job: it's a local polling place. The school kids learn about citizenship, encourage voting among their neighbors, and spread the word about the importance of this one simple task. Why vote? Remind yourself while you read.

Prairie Days by Patricia MacLachlan, illustrated by Micha Archer. 2020 In this over-sized, stunning book, we re-visit a simpler time and place with a Newbery Award-winning author. There are scenes featuring cozy quilts, rolling fields, horse-drawn wagons and hard-working sheep dogs. Even driving to town looks different and rather old-fashioned (but there are cars). The detailed, lush collage illustrations use multiple layers of texture and color to accompany the simple text. Well worth borrowing!

Watch This! A book about making shapes by Jane Godwin, Beci Orpin and Hilary Walker. 2020. Follow the antics of twelve adorable kids who make a glorious array of shapes using only their bodies. With sharp, bold photos for illustrations, your kids will want to jump up and try making shapes after reading this energetic title.

Cover photo of "This Raindrop Has a Billion Stories to Tell" Flowers and Leaves with a raindrop on one leaf

This Raindrop Has a Billion Stories to Tell by Linda Ragsdale, illustrated by Srimalie Bassani. 2020. A grand adventure into the world of water, this story starts with something very small: a single raindrop. Whether you enjoy pondering life's big questions or are just ready for something different, this beautiful exploration uses wonderful words (think: developing vocabulary) and many different settings (that's learning about the world) to teach science! The water cycle is marvelous and mysterious, explore it with your young readers.

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1 Comment

Monique Gaddy
Monique Gaddy
Sep 19, 2020

Great post, I really want to read Vote for our Future now!

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