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On Display at the Library

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Over the past couple months, you may have seen some displays popping up again in the library, “cozy stories” was the first. I’ve seen so many charming book displays at libraries around the country and wanted to give it a shot myself. For now I’m just keeping it simple, considering the relatively limited space for displays. I hope to keep something rotating throughout the year in our adult, teen, and kids spaces.

When it comes to what I should display, right now my idea is to keep it seasonal. Cozy stories for the winter, and I’m planning on a blind date with a book display around Valentine’s Day. I’ve also been checking out various library blogs and reddit posts to see what others are doing or asking my friends around the country what’s going on in their library. From books with movies to “I think the cover was red,” there are lots of fun ideas to draw from.

Bookshelf with words New Year, New Series on it display assortment of young adult novels.

With the start of a new year, I decided to try a couple of ideas to make for a quick browsing selection. In our Teen Zone you can check out the “New Year, New Series” display on the back wall. Assembled there are the first books in a variety of different YA series. Sometimes finding book one can be a little confusing, so I hope this helps people find a new series to get excited about. For example, you can find Emily A. Duncan's Wicked Saints. Let me know what you think!

Over by the windows you can find “New Year, New Skills” showcasing all kinds of how-to books, from cooking, coding, to crocheting. Besides C-based skills, there's also some books on learning to draw, such as Basic Colored Pencil Techniques by Bet Borgeson. If you ever wanted to try something new, like learning a language or fixing up your house, what better time than the beginning of the year.

Book display with words New Year, New Skills attached surrounded by paper snowflakes. Book display contains books about learning new skills.

As the year goes on, please keep an eye out for the new displays that will crop up! The contents of them will keep changing, but I hope people can find something that appeals to them, whether it’s a new book, movie, or skill.

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