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I Wonder... Are There Podcasts for Kids?

If you're looking for ways to learn together as a family, but need a break from books and videos, try a podcast. Just like a radio show, you can listen to ideas, music, and stories while you drive, at home, or at bedtime. How can you find the right starting place? Read on.

Kids Listen logo - blue ribbon with white lettering over it.

Kids Listen. Have you ever searched for a podcast that your children might enjoy? If so, be sure to check out "Kids Listen," an aggregator for kids' podcasts. In addition to an activity-based podcast of its own, this site shares links and descriptions for dozens of kids' programs all in one location.

Circle Round. Does your family enjoy folk tales from around the world? A staple on "Best Of Kids' Podcasts" lists, Circle Round is an entertaining dive into storytelling, produced by WBUR public radio in Boston. If you like stories told with pizzazz, this is a good starting place for podcast listening.

Buttons & Figs logo - a sketch of a black personified fig running with a button and ribbon over its head with the lettering "buttons & figs" on the ribbon

Buttons and Figs. What's a mnemonic? Would you like to go Jabber-Walking? If you have some silly folks at your house, you might enjoy this podcast featuring kids across the country learning about the joy of language. The project title comes from "The Jumblies," a nonsense poem by Edward Lear. Enjoy wordplay, nonsense, and fun with language as you listen.

Ear Snacks. What are you curious about? Do you enjoy learning interesting bits and pieces about how the world works? Join Andrew and Polly for "Ear Snacks," an award-winning expedition into music, science, art, and culture.