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Putting the FUN in STEM

Updated: Jan 3

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DiscoverE is a group dedicated to getting kids and teens engaged in engineering. Join a live chat with an engineer every Friday at 10 am Mountain/Noon Eastern Time. Missed the live session? Watch on-demand at helps kids and teens learn computer programming. Best known for their bite-sized “Hour of Code” lessons, CODE presents coding in easy-to-understand lessons that feature popular characters like those from Star Wars and Frozen. Enjoy a weekly classroom experience with founder, Hadi Partovi. Wednesdays at 11 am MT. A new activity or challenge is presented each week.

Skype a Scientist? You bet. Skype a Scientist does something extraordinary: it allows families and classrooms to specify their interests and set up appointments to meet with scientists around the world.

Reach for the stars! Join the online discussion with the BSU Physics and Astronomy department’s First Friday series of talks. Some discussions may be too complex for your younger kids, but all are welcome to attend. The summer series is completely online and accessible to all.

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Do you love music? Maybe you’d enjoy using music to teach math and science! Visit Math Science Music. Explore rhythm, shapes, and sound with Groove Pizza, or enjoy Scratch Music to create music by coding.

Wish you could take a trip, but you’re staying home instead? Visit National Geographic’s Educators page and learn about the world without leaving the dining room. Maps, animals, weather, engineering, and much more are here at your fingertips.

If you want to explore EVERYTHING in STEM, try, “The Ultimate STEM Guide for Kids: 239 cool sites about science, technology, engineering, and math.”

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