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Recommended Reading: YA Graphic Novels

Last April, the International Association of Professional Writers and Editors stated that graphic novels have been steadily increasing in popularity. As a reference librarian and a mother of a tween, I can attest to the appeal of a graphic novel – pictures help break up the words on the page and add to the intensity of the book – what’s not to love? (And if it means my son is reading – I’m all for it!) Plus, many graphic novels are lightweight and easy to carry to all your destinations – school, work, vacations, sporting activities, etc. So, whether you’re interested in trying graphic novels for the first time, or you’re a seasoned reader and just want to know what’s new – this list is for you.

Woman in red jacket in front of a wall of comic book shelves and hundreds of comic books.

Prince Sebastian must prepare to be a ruler and that means finding a suitable bride – or so his parents think. Sebastian isn’t particularly interested in finding a wife because he’s harboring a secret known only to himself and his best friend, Frances, a dressmaker. What is the secret? Prince Sebastian loves dresses and the world of fashion – so much so that at night he dons a dress and becomes Lady Crystallia, a fashionista. This life seems to work for Sebastian, but Frances has big dreams and being a part of Sebastian’s secret is preventing her from achieving them. How long will the secret last?

Cover photo of Teen Titans: Raven - Drawing of the side profile a girl with purple hair and headphones

When a tragic accident takes the life of Raven Roth’s foster mom – and Raven’s memory – she moves to New Orleans to live with her foster mother’s family and finish high school. Starting over in a new place is never easy, and while Raven remembers how to do everyday tasks, she can’t recall what her hobbies used to be or what she’d do in her free time. When weird and seemingly impossible things start happening, Raven wonders whether she wants to find out who she was before the accident. Can she handle the truth?

Laura Dean is most popular and beautiful girl in high school – Frederica Riley (Freddy) believes they’re in love, but there on and off relationship is becoming hard to handle. IN order to gain some closure from one of the break-ups, Freddy’s friend Doodle suggests talking to a medium. The medium tells Freddy plainly that she needs to break up with Laura. Of course, Freddy doesn’t like that answer, and Laura and her keep getting back together. Their relationship is turbulent, and when Freddy starts losing her friends as well, she wonders – is she the problem?

Cover photo of Speak - a tree with the image of half a girl's face on it.

The critically acclaimed, award-winning, modern classic Speak is now a stunning graphic novel.

At Merryweather High, the students are encouraged to speak up and told that their voices matter, but Melinda isn’t buying it. Barely a freshman, she has been a social outcast since she called the cops and busted a party she attended. Friendless and traumatized, Melinda uses her art to come to terms with what happened to her and figure out how to deal with the person who hurt her and remains a threat.

Ari is a recent high school graduate eager to leave his family’s hometown and his job at his father’s bakery. He dreams of the big city and a chance to make it big with his band. In order to take the plunge, Ari must find a replacement at the bakery. During his interviews, he meets Hector – a man who loves baking and is eager to gain a position in the bakery. As Ari trains Hector to take over for him, his attraction to Hector grows into something that might be considered love. Can Ari make this work, or will his dreams of the big city ruin this shot at love?

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