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  • Ellie Epperson

Stuffed Animal Slumber Party

Updated: Jan 3

Grab your favorite stuffed animal or two and enjoy this Grab and Go Bag from the Caldwell Public Library!

It's springtime here in Caldwell, and the library would usually be hosting its annual "Stuffed Animal Slumber Party" for all of our furry stuffed friends. However, this year we need to be safer than most - so we've designed a kit to help you and your family have your own party - complete with activities, book and song suggestions, and pictures of your friend!

If you are comfortable, please share a picture of your Stuffed Animal Slumber Party, we love seeing fun ideas and activities. Tag us in your slumber party photos and use #stuffedanimalslumberparty! You can find us on Facebook and Instagram at @caldwellpubliclibrary.

Activity: Friendship Bracelets

Berry Bear was our volunteer to try out the friendship bracelet craft! The supplies you need (provided in the kit) are pieces of straws, and two strings or thin pieces of stretchy fabric.

  1. Cut the straws into small pieces - choose the colors you like

  2. Cut a piece of fabric (preferably stretchy) big enough to go around your wrist and have about 4 inches left over for tying. Do the same for your animal friend - either make a bracelet or a necklace! *If you picked up a kit, the string is already cut for this craft*

  3. String the straw pieces onto the fabric

  4. When you have about 4 inches left, ties the ends together.

  5. Enjoy!

Music Suggestions

Here are some music suggestions for your slumber party! CD's can be checked out from the library, or you can enjoy music via streaming (Freegal, Youtube, Spotify, Apple, Etc.) Try to pick songs that are designed to be mellow - lullabies or meditation music can help you and your friend relax before bed.

For other suggestions, check out our catalog and try search terms like "goodnight music, lullabies, children's music," etc.

Book Suggestions

Nothing helps Berry Bear fall asleep faster than a good book! Check out these titles for getting ready for bed, sleeping, and dreaming!

Don't forget to check our library catalog for more titles, you can use search terms such as "sleep, bedtime, getting ready for bed," etc.

Other Activities

Give these other activities a try at your Stuffed Animal Slumber Party!

  • Make a healthy snack - try fruit, vegetables, cheese, and other nutritious foods

  • Read a bedtime story - grab your furry friend and read a story together before bed

  • Dance and Sing with your stuffed animal - try a lullaby

  • Fill out your Sleepover Scrapbook provided in the kit

At the end of the night, make sure to tuck in your animal with the fleece blanket provided in the kit. Enjoy your Stuffed Animal Slumber Party!

Fleece stuffed animal over a book on a white fleece blanket.


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