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Tween/Teen Splatter Art Kits

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Learn some tips and tricks to Splatter Art!

Kits are available starting Thursday, December 3, 2020.

Kit Includes: 1 Paintbrush, 1 Canvas, 1 toothbrush, 2 cups of paint

Even if you aren't able to grab a kit, you can try splatter art at home with your own paint, any paper (including cardboard!), and a brush. I priced out the items on and the cost is less than $10.00 (including multiple colors of paint). Don't forget to show off any splatter art creations by sharing them on our Facebook page.

Try some of these techniques for cool splatter art designs.

Stars, sky, universe
Photo by Guille Pozzi


A great tool that can be used for more than brushing teeth! Use an old toothbrush for the bristles - you can make tiny spots of paint by flicking the bristles toward your canvas, or create a zig-zag design by scrubbing the canvas. A toothbrush with some white paint makes fantastic looking tiny stars on a dark sky.

Paint, Paintbrush, colors
Photo by Anna Kolosyuk


Paintbrushes are great for all types of art. You can paint thick lines, make shapes, or in the case of splatter art, you can fling paint at the canvas! Make sure you are wearing something to protect your clothes, and try this technique outside or in a well-covered area. You can also try dripping paint by hanging a brush full of paint over your canvas as small drops fall off the brush.

Hands, paint, painting, finger painting
Photo by Bernard Hermant

Finger Paint

You can even use your hands to create amazing art. Use your fingers to drag paint over the canvas, flick on splotches, or create texture in the paint. Make sure you are using washable and skin safe paint like acrylics. We've included acrylic paint in the kits, but you can use whatever paint type you'd like!

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