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Fundraiser Gala Supporting the Library Endowment Fund
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Caldwell Public Library Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund History

Community supporters have generously remembered the Caldwell Public Library (CPL) in their giving and estate planning in the past. Two major contributions to the CPL's endowment fund came from Richard and Margaret Pead in 1989 (approximately $187,000) and Kaley Uyematsu, former CPL Children's Librarian, in 1995 (approximately $140,000 that includes additional donations from patrons in memoriam).

For about 25 years, these funds sat mostly untouched, growing to approximately $900,000 combined. Currently, the principal funds remain intact in our endowment fund, managed by the Board of Trustees. With dedicated management, some of the interest from the fund has been used during the past several years for projects that enhance the library's mission: to provide services and information to connect, enrich, and inspire our community.

Caldwell Public Library History and Financial Support


While the library's general operating budget comes primarily from city property taxes, the endowment fund supports projects beyond general operations that fall into two major categories: enhanced library services and facility improvements. Those needs continue to grow as the library supports the booming population of Caldwell and as the age, size, and design of the building itself present new challenges. Built in 1976 for a population of approximately 15,000 (U.S. Census Bureau), the current CPL leaders and personnel work diligently to provide consistent, relevant, and innovative public library services, even as we expect the 2020 census to report well over 56,000 Caldwell residents (U.S. Census Bureau).

Endowment Funds Support Enhanced Library Services


Enhanced library services projects have included major additions to patron technology, such as internet access devices, multimedia, computer workstations, laptops, tablets, portable hot-spots, digital printers, laser cutter, and virtual reality systems. Many of these items or devices are available from the main circulation desk, while others have been purchased as part of the Mobile Makerspace project. The library's Mobile Makerspace was custom designed and built in Caldwell by Tiny Idahomes, LLC (now located in Emmett), and travels to various locations and events for patron use and education around Caldwell.

Endowment Funds Support Facility Improvements


Facility improvement projects have included major renovations to the Children's Department, community room, HVAC system, flooring, common areas, personnel areas, and restroom upgrades.

Current Projects Funded by the Endowment


Current projects include the brand new DEMCO circulation desk system and DIRTT interactive wall display. This new circulation system is replacing the original system installed when the library was built in 1976.

Future Projects Funded by the Endowment


Future endowment projects include purchasing a new vehicle for transporting the Mobile Makerspace around our community and enlarging our current facility. The Board of Trustees aims to raise community awareness about the endowment fund's existence, uses,
and options for personal estate planning.