3D Printing is currently unavailable due to COVID-19 restrictions. To learn more about our current available services, please see our COVID-19 Update.

3D Printing 

Create your own beautiful designs using the 3D printer at the l​ibrary.

What is 3D Printing?

3D Printing is an additive manufacturing process- this means it works by building an object layer by layer. There are lots of different types of 3D printers, that work in a variety of materials, from human tissue to chocolate. The most popular ones use plastic or resin. At Caldwell Public Library, our Prusa MK3 printers use plastic - usually PLA (Polylactic Acid). When we print in plastic it's a lot like drawing with a hot glue gun. The printer melts the plastic and extrudes it through a small nozzle, building it layer by layer. 

How do I print something at the library?

We have a few different ways for you to 3D print something at the library:

  • Book a 3D printing appointment with a staff member to set something up to print

  • Send us your 3D print in .stl or .obj format

  • Schedule time to operate the printers yourself after completing 4 training sessions

Use the links below to schedule an appointment or send us something to print.



Questions? Email or call 208-614-5132.

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