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1000 Books Before Kindergarten

1000 Books Before Kindergarten Reading Challenge

Start building literacy skills with your kids from the day they are born! Challenge yourself to read 1000 books with your child before they start kindergarten. 

About the Program

The goal is simple: read 1,000 books with your child before they start kindergarten. Sound daunting? If you read just one book a day from the time your child is born, you will reach 1,000 books before they turn three.


Plus, the benefits are huge. Studies show that families who read aloud to their children from birth help strengthen language skills and build vocabulary - two essential tools for when children begin learning to read. 

To keep the challenge fun and interesting, participants will earn a FREE BOOK for every 200 books they read, for a total of five books over the course of the program. Bring your reading log to the library, or show us your READsquared progress, to claim your prizes.

How to Sign Up

  • Click the button below to sign up on READsquared. Start by creating an account for yourself, and then add all children who are participating. Prefer using a paper log? Download one below!

  • Read with your child. Studies have shown reading is an excellent bonding opportunity. You will create lifelong memories as you help your child build early literacy skills.

  • Log your reading. Keep a tally of the books you read together. Make note of which ones your child enjoyed the most. You can do this in your paper log or by logging the books using this website. 

  • Check-in at the library every time your child finishes 200 books to claim their prizes.

Don't forget to count the books others read to your child/children — including siblings, teachers, and other family members.


Who can participate?

Every child, from birth until they enter kindergarten.

How long will the program take to complete?

This is a self-paced program, so completion time will vary for each family. If you read one book a day with your child, you will finish in just under three years.

My child loves to re-read books. Can we count a book more than once?

Yes! Repetition is actually important to learning. You can count a book each time you read it.

Can other people read to my child?

Yes! Any and all books read by parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. count toward your goal. Don't forget to count books read at library storytimes, too!

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