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Week Seven

Bye, bye kittens! In our final episode of Kitten Tales, see the foster kittens one last time before they go off to find their forever homes. Plus, learn some fun rhymes and activities to get you in the mood for Halloween.

Week Six

Lions and tigers and house cats, oh my! Learn about the many different types of cats and check in our our litter of foster kittens as they turn seven weeks old.

Week Five

How do you take care of a kitten? Find out in this week's Kitten Tales video. Play some games, sing some songs, and learn about fun kitten-related activities you can do at home. Stick around until the end to see how big our litter of foster kittens have gotten. They sure are playful!

Week Four

What rhymes with cat? Practice finding rhyming words with fun songs and activities in this week's Kitten Tales video. Then, check in on our litter of kittens. They are five weeks old now and are full of energy!

Week Three

Where, oh where, are my kitten's mittens? And what color are they? Find out in this week's video, where you can also see what the kittens are up to now that they're FOUR weeks old.

Week Two

The kittens are three weeks old! Their eyes are open, and they are starting to explore their surroundings. See how big and fluffy they have gotten in this week's video.

Week One

Meet Momma Cat Lakelynn's seven newborn kittens! Stick around to follow along in fun rhymes and games with Miss Fiona

Rhymes & Suggested Readings

Follow along with each week's rhymes here and access suggested reading ideas.