• Michael Ireland

B-Movie Madness: Bad Films, Good Times

People seated in a movie theater

Everybody loves a good movie. Or do they? Have you ever seen a movie that’s so bad it’s good? A film so inept and clueless that it transcends its flaws and becomes enjoyable despite itself? Welcome to the wild world of B-Movies, where the acting is stiff and the plot filled with more holes than a mini-golf course! Join me as we examine a few essential films for any fan of sub-par entertainment, all of which are available right here from the Caldwell Public Library!

B-Movies have been steadily gaining in popularity over the last few decades, becoming significantly more mainstream and increasingly appreciated for their subversion of expectations. Starting in the early 90’s, shows like Mystery Science Theater 3000, Joe Bob’s Drive in Theater, and Elvira’s Movie Macabre fostered an increased awareness of cult films and exposed large audiences to obscure and low budget movies. Demand and interest for these “terrible” films even inspired some intentional schlock like Sharknado and its various sequels.

Screaming skeleton

We’ll begin with three heavy hitters, one classic, one from the 90’s, and one more contemporary film from the mid 2000’s.