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Elden Ring is a Masterpiece *Chef's kiss*

Elden Ring PlayStation 4

It’s time to get good! If you follow any amount of gaming news you've no doubt heard that the developers of the famous (infamous?) Dark Souls series have released their newest game, Elden Ring. Combining many elements from their previous games including the Souls series, Elden Ring will no doubt be regarded as From Software's greatest and most influential game. If you’re seeking an escape into a fantasy world filled with danger and craving a rewarding challenge, you need look no further than your library! Below will be links to Elden Ring on every available system as well as many of From Software’s back catalog of games all available for reservation or check out to our patrons.

Demon's Souls Remaster PlayStation 5

Commonly known for their crushing difficulty, the Souls series - as the games have come to be known - began with the PlayStation 3 exclusive release of Demon’s Souls in 2009. With the success of subsequent Souls series games it has since been remastered as a launch title for the PS5. Demon’s Souls was not From Software’s first release, nor was it their first action RPG. However, in conjunction with its spiritual successor Dark Souls, Demon’s Souls would introduce many of the core concepts and mechanics that continue to define Souls series games and their imitators.

Dark Souls PlayStation 3

Due to their popularity and influence, these games have created a sub genre often described as hardcore action RPG or “Souls like.” Experience points that need to be recovered upon death or they are lost, check points that respawn enemies, cryptic story elements, deep lore, and tough as nails boss battles are the defining features of the Souls like genre. These unique features combined with precise combat mechanics that reward not only reaction time but strategy, add depth and challenge to what would otherwise be a more traditional action RPG. These defining characteristics may also make the games feel inaccessible, daunting, or even unwelcoming to new players.


Elden Ring is not an easy game. But, I would argue that it’s a more approachable and

forgiving entry for new players looking for a Souls experience. Due in large part to Elden Ring’s open world setting, new players have the freedom to explore and find challenges more suited to their skill level. Find a group of enemies or a boss that’s too difficult? Go somewhere else and find some other castle to siege. The ability to forge your own path early in the game allows novice players the opportunity to practice and become familiar with the game mechanics without getting stuck at some seemingly insurmountable challenge. While Souls games have always given players multiple paths and routes in their level designs, Elden Ring is the first entry to provide players with an open world experience with seemingly endless options for progression.

If you’re a fan of Souls games you’re already playing Elden Ring. If you’ve been intrigued with the series but have been intimidated by the games’ reputation, there’s no better time to take the plunge. I’ve barely scratched the surface of what these games have to offer but a Souls game must be experienced to be truly understood. Elden Ring is a remarkable game that will surely be a point of influence for many games to come. Follow the links below to request one of the games, or check out some of the library’s many Souls related books, graphic novels, and other media available in our catalog.

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