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What's Love Got to Do With It?

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

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What's love got to do with it? Pretty much everything, if you look to your local libraries!

For Valentine's day I decided to browse through our catalog and see what is available for checkout with just one keyword search "love."

book cover of Serendipity


With 42,260 hits, I have decided to refine this search to just what is available now at only the Caldwell Public library. That narrowed down the selection to 7,735 items. Since I can only talk about a few items in this blog, I decided to narrow it down to only the books published this year. I came up with 6 books.

Serendipity, Ten Romantic Tropes Transformed, edited by Marissa Meyer, is a collection from 10 authors of love stories with various topics and narratives. A short read with illustrations included, this book sounds like a lot of fun for those who love the Young Adult genre!


Looking at the 4,317 DVDs available in our collection that showed up in my "love" keyword search, I decided to narrow the collection yet again to "available now" and "at Caldwell Public Library."

DVD cover of Queen Bees

Now I am seeing 250 items. I am going to go ahead and refine one more time and just select the most recent, which is "2021." This brings us down to 11 items. One movie stands out to me, and that is Queen Bees.

In Queen Bees, our leading lady has to move into a retirement home as her own private home is in need of repairs. Described as "fiercely independent," she encounters a strong group of queen bee style women running the retirement community. But perhaps, she also discovers love.

I immediately put this book on hold. It looks like just the type of vibe I am looking for when I'm ready to relax after a long week.

Music CD

Not surprisingly, a bulk of the music CDs popped up for the keyword search "love." Imagine that, so many songs about love, who would have guessed! I refined it all the way down again to what's available at Caldwell Public Library, and decided to concentrate on the latest release. Only one CD showed up on my list, Now and Then, by Paul Stanley's Soul Station.

Album cover of Soul Station

First of all, I didn't even know this band existed. Second of all, I loved listening to this album as I was writing this blog. I listen to a lot of music, from various genres, and after recently doing some research on Diana Ross, soul was just what I was craving for my work environment this afternoon.

With beautiful vocals, harmonies, and soothing yet grand musical interpretations, this album is beautiful, graceful, and brings back a time that, for me, reminded me of my mom singing classics around the house or on drives. Man, did she love to sing and dance to anything she's ever heard on the radio. I would 100% go enjoy a night of listening to this band perform just to dance and enjoy some vintage soul in a live environment. Thank you, Paul Stanley, for continuing your musical journey!

Your Turn!

I had fun looking up some materials on the subject "love," and seeing what was available just at our library! Now I encourage you to try it out and do the same. Maybe even explore some other materials, such as an audio-book or an e-book that we may have available. Who knows, you just might find your next favorite author, narrator, or movie. Don't forget, too, the more you explore our catalog and read variety, the more titles you can add to your Ultimate Book Nerd Reading Challenge this year. Happy reading and have a wonderful holiday!

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