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Library Bio

The Caldwell Public library offers its archive collections through the Flickr Commons to encourage the public to explore and re-use our numerous public domain images. The availability of these images within the public domain signifies the library’s desire to improve the knowledge of the history these documents hold, to enable creative and unexpected ways of utilizing them, and to create the opportunity to work with researchers to explore larger digital collections.




The Caldwell Public Library participates in The Commons on Flickr to further its educational mission and to increase public access to its collections of images.


The Caldwell Public Library’s images that are part of The Commons on Flickr are marked "no known copyright restrictions." This means that we are unaware of any current copyright restrictions on the works so designated, either because the term of copyright may have expired without being renewed, because no evidence has been found that copyright restrictions apply, or because we own the copyright but are not exercising that control.

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