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Free Public WiFi

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The Caldwell Public Library provides wireless internet access for free to the public for use inside the library and from the parking lot. 

Before connecting to the Library’s network please first review the rules of conduct for computer and network usage and internet safety policy.  

Rules of Conduct for Computer and Network Use


All computer and/or network users are expected to use electronic, computer, and network resources in a responsible manner.

Users will also be expected to comply with the following rules:


  • Not making changes to the setup or configuration of any library software or hardware.

  • Not attempting to bypass network restrictions

  • Not exceeding time limits established by library departments.

  • Not sending, receiving, or displaying text or graphics which may reasonably be construed by library staff as creating a hostile, offensive, or disruptive environment.

  • Respecting the privacy of others using public access computer stations by not interfering with their use.

  • Loaning and/or borrowing a card for internet access is not allowed.

  • Any behavior which is disruptive or which hinders the use of public computer stations by others is prohibited.

    • This includes but is not limited to boisterous behavior, verbal or physical harassment, drunkenness, and congregating in large groups.

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