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Adventures in Outreach - Fall 2022

Updated: Jan 4

Outreach services had an amazing time this Fall with the Caldwell community. We were able to participate in some really fun events, give out a ton of books (and candy), and connect with the community with storytimes, programs, and visits.

In September we went to the Indian Creek Festival and set up some family activities in the Caldwell Train Depot building. We showcased our 3D printer and some fun games that centered around STEM activities. We also had a story walk and some books to give away. We saw so many families and a lot of them had fun playing our magnetic fishing game with 3D printed pieces. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello!

In October we went to two Trunk or Treat events, one at Sacajawea Elementary for Caldwell School District families, and one with Caldwell Housing Authority and their residents at Farmway Village. How exciting to be invited to both events! We saw so many families and had a lot of fun decorating our trunk in a spooky way. The kids loved being able to get a piece of candy and pick out a free book. Berry Bear came with us to Sacajawea Elementary school, he even dressed up like a pirate for the occasion!

Were you able to come say hi to us at one of the Trunk or Treat events? There were many other community members at these events as well, making it a strong and wonderful time for families and helping them be more familiar with all the wonderful support systems that Caldwell has to offer. I hope you catch us at the next Trunk or Treat event!

In November we went to Dia de los Muertos at Washington elementary school. We got to show off our 3D printer to the families in the area. Leslie made some really cool 3D printed sugar skulls that she gave away. This event had folklorica dancers, food, beverages, and fun games for the community. Did you stop by and play one of our games? Being able to attend these events is so wonderful, we love seeing all the families that Caldwell serves and being able to support our school systems!

Lastly, this Fall we have also been focusing on strengthening library programs and visits around communities such as Farmway Village or the Caldwell Senior Center. We have also been visiting our literacy center at the laundromat Get the Funk Out, have you been by it yet? We are offering children's programming at Farmway Village, and an information table at the Caldwell Senior Center once a month. At the laundromat, we have been offering storytimes once a month for those who are doing laundry or just in the area and want to hear stories for a bit. We also will talk about any of our library services at these locations and encourage everyone to ask questions so that we can better understand the services that you are looking for.

If you see us at any events, please make sure to say hi! We are driving to distribute books to our homebound community every Tuesday and you may see us in your neighborhoods from time to time. As we continue on with winter, I will be taking photos and looking forward to doing a winter outreach recap for you all. Have a wonderful rest of your year!

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