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Adventures in Outreach - Spring 2023

Outreach has been a rollercoaster and wonderful ride this spring season! I feel like we have been everywhere, but I will try to organize and condense the information so that we can share our experiences serving our community!

Farmway Village

Farmway village has invited us to many fun events, and my favorite in spring was the Egg Drop celebration at the beginning of April! Even though it was cold and windy, we still had a lot of fun hanging out with families, having some food, and watching the kids create fun contraptions to protect their eggs from breaking! Everyone was able to get involved, and lots of other community members came to this event. Thank you, especially, to the Caldwell Housing Authority staff for securing our canopy so that we had shade from the wind and rain! We can't wait for the next event. We are still offering library card signup at the Farmway community center during our monthly program, as well as some fun activities for the kids! Stop by and say hello!

Homebound Delivery

Homebound delivery is as busy as ever! We are expanding every month, adding in new patrons, and getting our books delivered to those who need our services! If you or someone you know is in need of our homebound services, fill out our online application, call the library, or stop in and ask some questions about this service! We deliver books every Tuesday afternoon, so you may see us driving around your neighborhood during that time. Thanks to Friends of the Library for our nifty bags!

Library Tours and Family Nights

We have had some great times doing tours for schools and family nights for some preschool classrooms. It's always a joy to see kids excited about the library and all that we have to offer, as well as great to see the parents and introduce everyone to ways that they can incorporate reading into a daily lifestyle! Thanks to all the teachers who have reached out to organize these events and get their families and students involved. We are always so happy to have your support and enthusiasm for libraries and reading!

Book Readings and Senior Center Visits

We have begun to do some programs back out at the care centers again, starting with a book reading for Aspen Creek Senior Living. What a joy it is to read some books out loud to these residents and to spend some time with the community. We are hoping to be able to do more readings soon at more locations, so stay tuned!

School Outreach

Thanks to all the schools that invited us out to do presentations, be a part of their events, and allowed us to offer library card sign ups at their locations. We talked about library services, and summer reading (which is right around the corner!) We ran STEM activities, went to literacy night, and offered free books at kindergarten registration. We even got to have fun at a school carnival. I feel like we almost know everyone in Caldwell at this point!

Special Events

Last but not least, we did some really fun special events with other community partners such as the Caldwell YMCA, Rediscovered Books, The Idaho Commission for Libraries, and Boise public library. We love our community partners and always feel honored to be invited places as well as be able to share what the library has to offer at these events.


Summer is on the way and we will be off having new adventures soon. We hope we see you around and if you see us, stop by and say hello. We always want our community to know that we are out and excited to share what the library has to offer to all ages and all types of people. See you around!

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