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Author Highlight: Rick Riordan...and beyond!

"Rick Riordan Presents" logo, a backwards R in front of a forwards R, underneath the logo are the words "Rick Riordan Presents"

Guess who’s back, back again….with another author highlight! This time I will be taking an author and recommending a couple of others that are similar to help you with the “I’ve read all this author has written” blues. The author for this blog post will be Rick Riordan, who is another personal favorite of mine. I first read his Percy Jackson series when I was younger and was hooked pretty fast. I then read The Heroes of Olympus, Magnus Chase, and The Apollo Trials series. His books have become pretty popular and I think what really draws people in is his books have a good balance of humor, action, adventure, and mythology that gives fantasy lovers a different element. It can be tough finding another author to read after him that fills that void..but that is why I am here to help!

Cover of Dragon Pearl by Yoon Ha Lee

This recommendation is actually not going to focus on one specific author, but rather a group of authors that are publishing their works under a special branch of Disney-Hyperion Publishing, the ones responsible for publishing Rick Riordan’s books. “Rick Riordan Presents” is a branch of Disney-Hyperion Publishing that aims to publish works that appeal to kids in a way similar to how Rick Riordan’s books appeal to them. The books are not written by Rick Riordan, nor do the authors ghostwrite for him, but Rick Riordan does help promote them and offer advice when needed. Otherwise, these authors are completely independent from him. The aim is to allow these authors to write novels that highlight other mythologies, especially ones from their own cultures. Some of these authors include Roshani Chokshi, author of Aru Shah and the End of Time; Yoon Ha Lee, author of Dragon Pearl, and Kwame Mbali, author of Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky. There are many more authors that are publishing under this imprint. You can check them out here, and also get some more information on the imprint.

Cover of The Colossus Rises, a Seven Wonders novel

Peter Lerangis is another author I would like to recommend. He has also delved into the world of Greek Mythology in his series Seven Wonders. In his series, the main character Jack has to find the lost orbs in the seven wonders of the ancient world and fulfill a prophecy. The characters are the same age as the ones in Percy Jackson, so children of that age will be able to relate to the characters in a similar way. He has also written books for The 39 Clues series and a trilogy called Max Tilt, an adventure trilogy where the main character, Max Tilt, finds his grandfather’s manuscript that sends him on an adventure. Lerangis has also written books for teens and adults so there are a variety of different books to appeal to people of all ages.

If you have any authors you would like to recommend or have us cover, let us know! Make sure to come back for more author highlights and recommendations.

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