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Blind Date with a Book

With the return of February it’s time to roll out a fun new library event seen across the country, a blind date with a book. The idea is simple, on display are a wide range of books wrapped up to hide their covers, with only a few brief tags to hint at what’s inside. Pick out something that sounds interesting to you and unwrap it when you get home! The hope is that you might try something you haven’t read before, or to not judge a book by its cover. Some libraries might have a more detailed description on their books, but I decided to go for simplicity and just put a few common tags as hints.

The books on display right now are primarily picked out by our staff. Each one is from our adult fiction and non-fiction sections. You’ll find a decent spread of books, from autobiographies to classics to romance. And not just print books, but there are audiobooks on display as well. Any audiobooks, large print, or Spanish books will have a tag on the front letting you know. Hopefully you take home something you like!

If you happen to love the book you took home, you can check out our catalog and search for more books by a particular author or from a certain genre. And who knows, this blind date may just have a book you need to check off a category in our Ultimate Book Nerd Challenge. If you haven’t started, you can start an online log or pick up a paper one at our information desk.

I hope you enjoy this little Valentine’s display!

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