• Monique Gaddy


sign with old way and new way pointing different directions

Staying Ahead of Change

Lately, we have all been experiencing an extreme amount of change in short periods of time. As we adjust to all of these changes, it is clear that some people have been able to adapt quicker than others. Why is that? Is there something that we can do to prepare for these changes, or do we have to change the way we think about change as a whole?


I have been observing and assisting our patrons as we have adjusted to our city’s response to the pandemic. While I know it has been hard on our staff, we have managed to get through each of our various stages by supporting each other and allowing ourselves time and space to adjust. It has not been easy, and many emotions arise as we adjust, but supporting each other and being patient has made a huge difference. As patrons have gotten used to all the changes, I have noticed that some adapt almost immediately, while others have to make space to accept this as a part of their new reality. The differences have been so distinct, that it had me thinking more about this topic.

a butterfly just out of the cocoon

Why It’s Unsettling

Change is one of the most natural things that we experience in our lives. In fact, our planet is always changing. As time goes through us, we are constantly in a state of flux. Every living thing on the planet, and all of the elements, are always adjusting to the continual changes that we experience. Our dormant lifestyle is actually continual flux.

It would seem logical then for us to accept change, yet we often resist. Routine and familiarity are