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Credible Resources

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

The Caldwell Public Library and the American Library Association are committed to keeping our community informed with the best data that we can find. As natural researchers, we work hard to assess information and make sure that it comes from a credible source.

Idaho Resource

During this time, people have a lot of questions and may be having a hard time finding accurate information. One resource that we recommend for the latest information on testing and confirmed cases in Idaho is Also available on this site is a list of Frequently Asked Questions. This resource is local and will give you information on what we are doing here in Idaho to maintain the health of our community.

National Resource

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has global outbreak information, travelers health information that is beneficial and useful for the public. It also has recommendations for prevention of illness and what to do if you get sick. Explore their website for further reading and data charts available at this time.

Local Media Resource

We know that the Idaho Statesman is one of the newspapers that is read by a lot of our library users. The newspaper has made this statement: “The Idaho Statesman and McClatchy news sites have lifted the paywall on our websites for this developing story, providing critical information to readers.” Idaho Statesman has been putting out information quickly on confirmed cases and, specifically, general locations of the confirmed cases in Idaho so far.

Our library team will try to keep our information updated and current as best we can while also being available to answer any questions online, over the phone, or through email.

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