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Easing into E-Resources: Libby Updates & Additions!

Updated: Jan 3

graphic image of many devices and software apps commonly used for electronic resources

The Hidden Resource:

You may be familiar with many of the materials that you have access to at our library, such as books, CD's, audiobooks, magazines, and DVDs. But are you familiar with the array of resources that are available electronically? Do you know what an electronic resource is? For those of you who are willing to take a journey into the vast world of electronic resources, this blog series is for you.

Libby (for Overdrive - on Ideate Digital Library)

It's been awhile since we highlighted this wonderful resource. While Libby has always been popular, during these days of library closures and stay at home orders, we have had more requests for this service than ever.

text and icons of common symbols used for overdrive and libby

This picture is a tool to help you remember the symbols used for checking out different items. You can check out an e-book, and e-audiobook, and and e-magazine. Sometimes the item will be available for immediate borrowing, other times you will have to place a hold. All these symbols are located underneath the picture of the item, the title and the author section on the app or website. I hope it helps!

Just a reminder

Our library - as well as many others now - is offering curbside checkouts for our library patrons, reading recommendations, and over the phone assistance with finding your favorite library books in traditional print form.


image of current ebooks available for checkout

Our electronic book collection has expanded significantly since the last time I covered this service. They are also organized in interesting ways. For instance, you can search for books by author or title, or you can search by subject. There are so many categories to choose from, you may get lost, so take your time and learn the structure. Also spend some time looking through the different categories and maybe you will find something new and interesting for your next book! You never know what will peak your interest. I love checking out e-books to keep up with my attendance at the Thursday Afternoon Read discussion. Do you ever make it to this program? We have a reading list for the year and a virtual meeting once a month. Check it out sometime, we would love to have you!


image of current e-audiobooks available for checkout

As I have mentioned before, I am such a fan of e-audiobooks because it suits my busy lifestyle so well. I am often on-the-go, commuting from home and work. When I am at home, I am often doing some work with my hands (I like to paint, draw, create music, and play video games). Audiobooks are a great way for me to keep up with my reading goals. Currently I am working on my Ultimate Book Nerd Challenge - beginning by reading my "Banned Book" choice. Have you heard of our yearly book challenge? Sign up if you haven't already, you get a t-shirt when you complete it!


image of current e-magazines available for checkout

Now to the new stuff! There are over 3,000 magazines available on Libby, covering an array of subjects. There are almost 40 categories to choose from, including "Comics & Manga" and magazines in other languages. I have just scratched the surface of this cool new feature, but I am looking forward to exploring more! I have always been a fan of electronic magazines. The images still look great and I don't have to have a million paper subscriptions to recycle each month. Especially during these times of being careful with shared items, I find checking the magazines out electronically helps me stay safe and up-to-date! Ask one of our librarians for assistance if you want to know more about this cool new feature.

Up Next:

We hope that you have been enjoying the materials that we have available on Libby during these stressful times. Stay tuned for another blog on our various e-resources that we have available and we hope that you continue learning and growing!

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