• Monique Gaddy


Updated: Apr 13, 2020

There is always a time to express gratitude in your life, but around this time of year is when people begin to think of it a lot. As we near the holidays and reflect on the many ways we are thankful, there are a lot of materials available at your local libraries that you can checkout about the subject. We have an array of books right now at our own library you can browse through, and a whole bookshelf dedicated to the theme of gratefulness. Others can be found around the libraries within the Treasure Valley - and your librarians can help you locate these items for you and your family.

What is Given from the Heart by Patricia C. McKissack

"What is given from the heart reaches the heart," Reverend Dennis announces during service one day. Encouraging the community to give back to a family that has lost everything in a fire, the Reverend's words help inspire a young boy - who has little to give - find the right gift for a family who is having a difficult time. I read through this book while I was preparing to write this blog at work, and a note to those who are easily moved, it will touch your heart. I may have shed a tear at the Reference Desk.