• Monique Gaddy

Introducing: LiLI! Your Most Informed Friend!

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

What is LiLI?

Lili.org is one of the most beneficial and yet one of the most underutilized databases that everyone has access to. I am quoting straight from the flyer that we hand out to our patrons, “Lili.org provides all Idaho residents the opportunity to enrich their knowledge with free, easy to access and trusted information and resources.”

What Does This Mean for me?

What does this mean for the everyday lifelong learner? This means - instead of spending time researching online on confusing web browsers, paying for access to databases that require subscriptions, or trying to hunt down (or pay for!) expensive books that you need for higher education, vocational testing, or college prep - LiLI.org provides everyone in Idaho free access to a number of online databases. All you need to know is what we offer and where to find it. This is where your local librarians can help!

Introducing: LiLI

Since there are so many options available on LiLI, this will be a blog series specific to just what is available on LiLI. I will start with this introduction blog - explaining where you can find the database through our website, how to log in, and finishing up with how to navigate through the carousel. I hope that it helps you find what you are looking for!

Where to Find the Database

When you head to the library website, caldwellpubliclibrary.org, under the green ribbon you will see a section titled “Resources.” Under “Resources,” you will see “LiLI.” This is what you will click in order to access the database. LiLi will open up in another tab. Once you are in LiLI, you will see a moving carousel of options, as well as a black ribbon that gives you another way to find information, depending on what you are specifically looking for.

Logging in

On the top right of this page, you can find an online guide that will also help you navigate through the database. The information is also organized by the subjects: Students, Job Seekers, Educators, etc. LiLI is not actually just one database, but a collection of databases, and there are many ways to organize the information. Once you have decided which area you would want to explore, you will have to enter in your zip code and city. This is all you need to access the information, you do not need to have a library card for LiLI!

Navigating the Carousel

Personally, I like to use either the carousel labeled “Featured Resources,” or the “Full Resource Index.” However, you can use whatever search option works best for you. I usually use these two options because I have an idea of where I am going, since I use LiLI frequently. Most likely, you will use a specific set of databases, or only one, depending on what you are looking for. For instance, if you are looking for peer-reviewed articles for school, you will use more than one section. But if you are prepping for a nursing exam, you may only use one option.

Don’t be Scared!

Going into the vast world of databases will seem scary at first but remember, this is a collection of information that is trusted by librarians to help you find the most accurate and informative resources possible. If you get too lost or overwhelmed, visit or call your local library or schedule a tutoring appointment and get some extra help. Good luck information hunting, and look out for our next blog exploring one of the databases available in LiLI!

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