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Laugh Out Loud Holiday Comedies

Updated: Feb 20

There are few things finer in life than sitting down to watch your favorite holiday films. It's a tradition that brings friends, families, and screens together as we seek to collectively decompress. Curling up on the couch, wrapping yourself in a blanket, basking in the warm glow of the TV, and sipping a hot beverage as the snow falls outside is truly sublime. In honor of this holiday ritual, I'd like to highlight some classic holiday comedies. As always, you'll find catalog links to these films so you can request a copy for pickup right here at the Caldwell Public Library.

Ernest Saves Christmas

I'm a huge Ernest fan, and it you haven't seen the late great Jim Varney in action as the titular character this is an excellent entry point. Santa is ready to retire, and he has precious little time to convince his replacement to take the job or there won't be a Christmas at all. Thankfully, Santa's taxi from the airport is driven by the ever helpful, overly enthusiastic, and firm Santa believer, Ernest P. Worrell. A missing magic sack and a rebellious runaway further complicate Santa's mission as Ernest, despite his clumsy and destructive tendencies, tries to avoid a Christmas calamity. A fun, fast paced slapstick that's sure to please, Ernest Saves Christmas still makes me laugh even after seeing it hundreds of times.

Home Alone

Ever heard of this hidden gem? The original two Macaulay Culkin films are amongst the most beloved Christmas movies of all time. And for good reason, the films are hilarious, heartwarming, charming, and iconic. Home Alone spawned the wacky traps built by a kid to defeat bad guys trope, essentially creating a new subgenre of slapstick comedies. However, I'd skip the lower budget, lower effort sequels that sought to capitalize on the franchise's popularity. The 3rd film is still mostly enjoyable, but I wouldn't follow the series much further unless you're a mega fan with a high tolerance for schlock.

Jingle All The Way

I was a little surprised to see this film's resurgence. It was plenty popular when I was a kid, but it seemed like this goofy Arnold Schwarzenegger Christmas film about a workaholic father's desperate quest for a Turbo-Man action figure was destined to be forgotten. The way the movie portrays rabid Christmas shoppers is hilarious and at times sadly accurate. Arnold fights a group of shady Santa toy dealers, punches out a Reindeer, and ultimately becomes Turbo-Man himself as he tries to prove to his son that he can indeed keep his word. Plenty of enjoyably outrageous antics and some subtle adult humor keep the film engaging from start to finish.

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