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Meet the Staff - Kellianne!

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Hi there everyone, I’m Kellianne. I’m one of the newest additions to the library as a Circulation Assistant. You’ll see me right at the front desk, checking books in and out, and helping with all sorts of questions. Originally, I grew up in Washington and ever since attending the College of Idaho here in Caldwell (go Yotes!) for History and Religious Studies, I fell in love with Idaho and decided to put down roots here with my husband.

Growing up I was the kind of kid that went to the library constantly, checking out huge stacks of books and straining my backpack to fit them all in there or going to just about every event my library had going on. Not even snowstorms could keep me away! Now as an adult, it’s incredibly satisfying to see people always taking advantage of everything the library has to offer from reading books, playing games, to just hanging out, and know that I’m helping things run smoothly. Even outside of work, I’m telling just about everyone I know to visit their library and see what they have to offer. (My friends are always surprised to hear about our mobile hotspots, so reserve one today!)

In my spare time I’ll either be playing video games (specifically Final Fantasy XIV), planning my next Pathfinder session, or working on my next crochet project. I love to be both a DM (Dungeon Master) and player in tabletop games so feel free to ask for tips or where to find good resources for those games! When it comes to what I like to read, I’m constantly torn between reading more sci-fi or fantasy, or digging into somewhat dense history books about whatever new topic grabs my interest.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a bit! Hope to see you soon at the library.

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