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Meet the Staff: Todd Cagwin

Photo of Todd by a tree

Howdy! My name is Todd. I am a Circulation Assistant here at the Caldwell Public Library, and I’m here to connect you with the books, movies, and other items that you are looking for. Whether it’s getting you a library card or tracking down that elusive book that you’ve heard so much about, that’s what I’m here for.

While I am one of the newer additions to the staff here at CPL, I have been working in libraries for some time. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Boise State University, where I began my library career at the Albertsons Library and completed my internship in the Special Collections department. Prior to joining CPL, I also worked for the Boise Public Library and the Meridian Library District, including the unBound Technology Library.

Assisting folks at the library is extremely rewarding, and I am proud to be able to do so. Some of my interests that you can find here at the library are Stephen King books, X-Men graphic novels, and PlayStation video games. Outside of the library, I love camping and hiking with my wife Lindsay and our boxsky(boxer-husky mix, google it-- it’s a thing) pup Nala, and watching sports at home with my bearded dragon Smaug.

Next time you’re in, feel free to chat me up about who’s going to the Super Bowl next year, or the correct reading order for Stephen King’s universe of books (I have spreadsheets and charts, really). See you soon!

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