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National Poetry Month

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Oh, poetry. It takes me back to my high school and college days when I was so enraptured with the power of words. Personally, I love the relationship between poetry and music the most, but I also love art made around words. For instance, I love to create abstract art with song lyrics integrated into a painting or a drawing. Words have such power over me, even if I seem to forget - or take it for granted on a day to day basis.

Where are you on your poetic journey? Are you familiar with all the classics, or are you just getting started? Do you have favorite poems that stand out to you, or favorite poets? Do you like the simple complexity of a haiku, or do you prefer rhyming verses? Does free verse catch your eye? Maybe deeply personal poetry that rings out social truths is what moves you. Whatever your preference, we have it at the library! Read on and I will share with you some of my favorite poets as well as some resources to get your started on the topic.

My Faves

Edgar Allen Poe, Jewel, Dylan Thomas, John Trudell, and T.S. Eliot are some of my favorite poets, with Edgar Allen Poe as my all time favorite poet and short story writer. Below are listed some of my favorite poetry books that you can find in our catalog:

To conduct your own search through our catalog, try this key word search: "classic poetry." Or you could also try the more general search: "poetry."

Poetry Collections

Looking for a more general overview of poetry? Check out some of these books below to ease into different themes:

To look for your own search of our catalog, try the key word search: "poetry collections." Scroll through pages and pages to find all your options! If something looks more like what you were interested in, retype the search with the new genre/collection name and see what comes up!

Books About Poets

Interested in learning more about the poets themselves? Below are some suggestions to get you started. Poets, just like other artists, often lead unconventional lives and so the biographies can be very entertaining.

Want to do your own search on poets? Try the key word search: "poet biography." You can also look up some of your favorite poets by name and add in the word: "biography," after or before their name and see what comes up!

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Your Journey

Your poetic journey belongs to you. The library is here to point you in the direction of the poetry section and leave you to it to explore the options in front of you. We can also help you look up poets that you are interested in exploring and help you find the right resources for school or personal reading preferences. I have been known to browse collections of modern poetry after reading an interesting blog or article on a particular up and coming author, or going back to some classics such as in the Shel Silverstein's Where the Sidewalk Ends. Order them through our library catalog, or even see if we have them in a digital version. I wish you luck in your poetry adventures!

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