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Parenting Preschoolers in Difficult Times

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

“Out of control.” “Chaotic.” “Crazy.” How do you describe your life as a parent today, especially if you have preschoolers? It’s difficult to be the leader when you aren’t sure what’s coming next. Here are some apps and websites that might be helpful.

This Time Magazine article has good advice on structuring your family's day when the usual line-up of activities is unavailable.

Want a couple of ideas about how to talk to little ones about corona-virus? While this link goes right to the corona-virus page of “Zero to Three,” be sure to check out their main page. Like Vroom (below) this site is a lifesaver for activity ideas, parenting tips, and ways to cope.

Available as an app, daily texts, and a website, Vroom is pure gold for finding parenting ideas for young children.

From games to chores, music to de-stressing, PBS Parents has a smattering of everything. (Do you think we’d get away without promoting Daniel Tiger?)

Miracle-recreation has indoor recess games for kids of various ages. A great way to Get the Wiggles Out!

Need an indoor game that will burn off some of that 'cabin fever' energy? See if one of these 87 ideas strikes you as fun!

Feeling crafty? BabbleDabbleDo has some ideas that use materials you probably have at home!

This blog post written by Fiona May, our Youth Services Supervisor at Caldwell Public Library and edited by Monique Gaddy.

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