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Recommended Reading: Healthy Living

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It’s that time of year again – new year, new me, right?

You know what I’m talking about. Every year we tell ourselves we’re going to lose weight and live better. So, we jump on a diet bandwagon and by summer we’ve already fallen off. No judgment here, I’ve done the same thing - many times. So, what can we do to get real, lasting results? I think the best place to start is to educate ourselves on what healthy living ACTUALLY looks like – mentally and physically. And my advice? Introduce one change to your lifestyle at a time – master it and then add another change. Before long, you’ll be living and loving your healthy life! But that’s big broad advice – what small changes can you implement over the next year? Check out the following books for some tips.

Cover of book "Anti-Diet"

According to Christy Harrison, 68% of Americans have dieted at some point in their lives, but the vast majority of those folks gain weight within the following five years. These numbers emphasize how vastly inefficient dieting is - yet, dieting remains a popular craze. Harrison argues that diet culture has created a toxic idea of what it means to be healthy. In this book, she attacks diet culture, exposing the untruths behind it. She offers a radical alternative to diet culture - backed by scientific research and personal experience. This alternative will help you reclaim your life and your health so you can focus on what really matters.

Mindfulness has become a buzz word in recent years, but what does it really mean? Mark Coleman sets out to explain the meaning of mindfulness and how it can be used to heal pain and suffering both emotionally and physically. Coleman focuses on three specific areas: the heart, the body, and the brain. He then breaks these areas into chapter themes and provides instructions for a new practice at the end of each chapter - a perfect way to implement change one thing at a time!

Cover of book, "UnDo It!"

The premise of Dr. Ornish's book is that lifestyle changes have an exponentially more positive effect on our health than medication. He even claims that the lifestyle changes he presents can reverse the aging process. This book presents the Ornish's theory for why this system of lifestyle changes produces results. There are four basic steps to healthier living: eat well, move more, stress less, love more. Throughout the course of the book, the Ornishes include 70 recipes, exercise and stress-reduction advice, as well as patient stories of loving deeply and well. Reading this book is a great way to get started on being a healthier you!

Can you count the number of times you are distracted during the day? Maybe your phone keeps going off, your co-worker has an endless stream of questions, or you just can't seem to focus. In this book behavioral design expert, Nir Eyal reveals the hidden psychology behind what drives us to distraction and how you can become indistractable. Eyal focuses specifically on technology and how we can utilize it best without it consuming us. He presents a four-step model with practical tips for regaining control of your time and your life.

Cover of book, "Do What Feels Good"

After years of struggling with conventional standards of beauty and watching a family member struggle with an eating disorder, Hannah Bronfman made a decision. Her decision to live a full, healthy life is summed up by her motto: "Healthy is beautiful. And healthy should feel good." Throughout "Do What Feels Good, Bronfman offers advice about getting in tune with your body. She shares that every body is different and what is right for one may not be right for another. Bronfman provides 50 "healthy hedonist" recipes throughout the book and stands firmly by her belief that self-care should not be self-punishing. Get ready to love yourself and love your body to the fullest after reading this.

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