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Recommended Reading: YA Fantasy

Fantasy is considered one of the oldest genres around. The stories are based in alternate realities containing magical, mythical, and supernatural creatures. Check out this list of Young Adult fantasy novels that will have you yearning for more!

Image of girl standing on the edge of cliff with a castle in the background.

Return to the Grishaverse - think Six of Crows and Shadow and Bone - for King Nikolai Lantsov's battle against his personal demons. Nikolai wrestles with the events of the past civil war and tries to maintain peace in his kingdom as another war brews both within and outside of him.

Cover of the book "Crown of Feathers"

There once was a grand empire, built by Phoenix Riders - fabled heroes who flew on wings of fire - and ruled by relentless queens, but animosity between two sisters tore the empire apart. Nearly two decades later, Veronyka, a war orphan, follows her dream to become a legendary Phoenix Rider. The Phoenix Riders have gone underground, hiding from the rulers of the new empire while trying to protect their kingdom. However, when Veronyka's sister shows up, and the empire discovers the Phoenix Riders have resurfaced, nothing will be the same.

After a year away from Alagaësia to find a suitable place train other dragon riders, Eragon has returned. This book features three short stories about the trials Eragon faces and the unexpected surprises he encounters. You'll also find an excerpt from the memoir of Angela the herbalist, written by Angela Paolini, the inspiration for the character.

Cover of the book "Children of Blood and Bone"

When a malevolent king takes power in the land of Orïsha, he vows to destroy all magic. Years later, Zélie Adebola relishes the time when magic hummed through the earth, and majis wielded their specialized magic. Now Zélie's people struggle for their very survival, and she has a chance to bring back magic and reignite hope in her people. But Zélie must learn how to manage her own powers and grapple with the feelings she develops for her sworn enemy.

In Honoku, a new empress is chosen for each generation with a famed and difficult contest. All citizens are allowed to participate, except for the yōkai, magical non-humans, loathed and hunted by the human emperor. But Mari, a yōkai, has spent her life training to be empress. Her life depends on her ability to hide her identity and win the empress contest. Along the way, she will meet Taro, the reluctant prince who is next in line for the throne, and Akira, a half-human, half-yōkai outcast. Can they balance their desires with their duties?

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