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Recommended Reading: YA Science Fiction

Science fiction is a broad genre that encompasses all books within the realm of future scientific possibility, such as time travel, life on other planets, and advanced virtual reality. Although science fiction books are usually lumped together with fantasy novels, fantasy deals with magic, or impossible, elements, whereas science fiction is more realistic, or plausible. As we see technology continue to improve and expand, the science fiction novels we read will become more real. If you're looking for recent and outstanding young adult science fiction books to read, you've come to the right place!

 Photo of a round spaceship over a futuristic-looking city.

Can you picture a perfect utopian world - without hunger, disease, or war? Scythe is set in the distant future - humanity has conquered all the modern woes of society and is now ruled by an artificial intelligence computer system called "Thunderhead." The Scythedom - separate from the Thunderhead - have been tasked with curbing overpopulation. The scythes are the only ones allowed to kill, and they are mandated to do so regularly. Two teens, Citra and Rowan, are apprenticed to a scythe - though neither are enthusiastic about it - and must learn the art of killing or lose their own lives.

Photo of the cover of Once & Future

We all know the legend of King Arthur right? He pulled the sword, Excalibur, from the stone and trained with the wise wizard, Merlin. But what if King Arthur was reincarnated in a future world as a teenage girl? Ari Helix - a girl from another world - crash-lands on old Earth and pulls Excalibur from it's resting place - making her the reincarnation of King Arthur. She meets up with Merlin - who has aged backward since the days of the original King Arthur and is now a teenager. Merlin and Ari are determined to end the curse of King Arthur's continual reincarnation by defeating a tyrannical government and bringing equality to all mankind. Will they succeed?

The Renegades are a group of humans with extraordinary abilities who banded together and created a peaceful society from the ruins of a previous community. They have been in power for a while and continue to be a beacon of hope and stability for almost everyone. Yet, there are still some who seek revenge against the Renegades - and Nova is one of them. As Nova tries to carry out her vengeful mission, she meets Adrian, a Renegade boy, who makes her question her beliefs and her desire for revenge.

Photo of the cover of Warcross

Fans of Ready Player One will love this book about Warcross, a virtual game. When the novel opens, Warcross has been a widespread obsession for the last decade, with nearly everyone on Earth plugged in for one reason or another. Emika Chen, the novel's protagonist, works as a bounty hunter in the game to make ends meet. But it's a competitive field, and Emika needs cash ASAP. In an attempt to make some quick cash, she hacks into the Warcross Championships and finds herself glitched into the game. She quickly becomes a worldwide sensation, but instead of punishment, the creator of Warcross contacts Emika and asks her to be a spy at the Tournament. What she finds during her spy experience could threaten the entire Warcross empire.

In a not-so-distant future United States, federal law mandates one child per family. This rule is strictly enforced, and the punishment for breaking it is severe. But the Goodwins have kept a dangerous secret for 18 years - they have two twin daughters: Ava and Mira. Ava and Mira have lived as one person (Ava), exchanging places day by day. But nothing good can last forever, and eventually their charade is exposed. Fearful for their father's life, Ava and Mira go on the run, living as traitors and fugitives and trying to survive in an unforgiving world.

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