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Searching for Summer Fun

June’s here, school’s out, and Summer Reading’s started! With warmer weather here to stay for a while, it’s easier to plan some fun outdoor activities. One of the great things about Idaho is the bounty of options for outside summer fun. And right here at the library is a great place to start looking. We don’t just have books for you to check out, but all kinds of kits and activities to choose from!

Want to try some outdoor sports, but don’t feel like buying a bunch of equipment? Here at the library we have a few activity kits for you to try. Find a park nearby and try out our Baseball Kit. In it you’ll find a bat, a few balls, a helmet, and a mitt to get started with. This is just one example of some of the kits on offer at the library, so come check one out today!

If you’re interested in a trip to Boise, did you know we have a park passport to the Idaho Botanical Gardens? The pass gets a group of five into the garden and comes with a map and a sheet of guidelines and information about the pass itself. Or if you’d like a little more adventure than a garden, there are tons of books about the different hiking trails throughout Idaho. This book, Hiking Idaho, is just one example of what you can find here.

People hiking on a green mountain trail. The sky is partly cloudy and snow-capped mountains are visible in the distance.

Hopefully some of these options are helpful and you find a fun new activity this summer!

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