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Summer Reading 2024

Updated: Jun 1

It's that time of year again! The sun is out and so is school. In order to help prevent the summer reading slump and to encourage kids to practice those critical reading skills, libraries all around the county are hosting their summer reading programs. Our program has grown and changed over the years, but our fundamental goal remains the same: keep kids and families reading during the summer break.

Anyone can participate! We have three age groups: Kids, Teens, and Adults. Every age group has the same 30-day reading log where you set your own daily reading goal. Mark off every day that you meet your reading goal. Reading to your children can count towards both their reading goals as well as your own, and participants can count any reading done for other programs like our Ultimate Book Nerd Challenge towards their summer reading as well.

Similar to previous years, we're giving out tons of free books! But we've upped our game this year. Participants now receive one book when starting the program, one book at the 15-day mark, and two books at the end of the program. That's 4 free books over the course of the program! Wow! You can view our catalog of prize books here.

Another new feature of this year's program is our summer reading raffle. Participants will receive tickets not only for their reading log progress, but for attending our summer reading special programs, and by completing bonus bingo activities! Our raffle prizes and submission boxes are on display up front by our main desk, so come check it out!

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