Adulting 101

Learn basic skills and more. From resume building to backyard farming and more! What will you learn next?

Pie chart illustrating percentages of credit score factors

Understanding Your Credit Score

April 2019

Todd Christensen, from Money Fit, presented ways in which you can understand your credit score better. Todd went over some tips on how to understand the FICO score range, what to do to help build or rebuild credit, and the difference between credit score and credit reports. He was also available to answer any questions that came up and is highly knowledgeable in the field. If you missed this program, we have some online resources to guide you to helpful information, as well as some books that may interest you on the subject.

Sign with the words "House for Sale" in the foreground. Behind, a blurred white house with blue skies and green grass.

Finance and Housing

April 2019

For this program, Stephanie Renk, from Idaho Next Steps Coaching, helped participants navigate through the process of buying or renting property. We started with the pros and cons of renting vs buying. Stephanie then guided us through the mortgage process, going over the Do’s and Don’ts of the trade. Also covered in the presentation was helpful hints for renters, understanding finances and loans, and a brief review of our local housing market.

Buttons, snaps, floral ribbons, and needles and thread arranged on a black background.

Reuse: Sewing Basics

March 2019

Donna Briscoe, one of the library's talented and dedicated volunteers, used several examples to demonstrate how to repair clothes and other fabric-based items. In particular, she discussed basting to secure your fabric. Examples used were repairing torn seams and frayed zippers, covering small holes with decorative ribbon, and replacing collars on coats.

Man in bright yellow construction jacket makes "thumbs up" gesture in front of a table of recyclable items.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

March 2019

In this program, Konrad McDannel from Republic Services explained the importance of recycling for our community and the system that we currently use for recycling items. He brought examples of common recycling “do’s and don'ts.” Konrad was patient and clear as he demonstrated how our community can better help our environment with our recycling efforts. Library staff created a reading list on the topic and can assist anyone who drops in at the information desk. ​

Woman standing in front of a screen with the text "Transforming your relationship with money. Basic skills to get you moving in the right direction"

Taxes and Financial Literacy

February 2019

In this program, library staff answered basic questions about where to find tax forms and how to get help filing taxes. Mick Beam, with Icon Credit Union, gave a great presentation on finances for the Caldwell community. The presentation, Transforming Your Relationship with Money, offered insight into how we feel about money, and how this shapes the way that we manage our money. Other resources were provided from the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau and can be found on the CFPB website listed below. Mick was also familiar with an array of resources which you can explore below.

New Year Nutrition

January 2019

New Year Nutrition This Adulting 101 Program was about nutrition for the New Year. Presentation and activity materials were provided by the University of Idaho Extension. Readers’ list was built by Adult Services Librarian, Monique Gaddy.

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January 2019

Patrick Fithen from Brighter Future Health volunteered his time to answer questions for the public.

Hands holding a gift-wrapped box accented with a pinecone and pine needles

DIY Gifts on a Budget

December 2018

At this program, we learned how to make handmade soap and felt ornaments for some fun holiday gifts on a budget! Making handmade soap was a learning experience for all who attended (as well as the librarian), and we problem-solved together to create adorable Christmas themed soap! Program attendees also put their sewing skills to the test and created some classic stocking ornaments.

Holiday Cooking and Shopping

December 2018

The nutrition program was presented by Surine Greenway, a University of Idaho Extension Educator and community expert in the field. Surine provided an educated guide on providing nutritious meals on a budget, using recipes with simple, yet flavorful ingredients, planning and budgeting strategies, and how to build nutritious meals in a way that provides the most benefit to the health of you and your family. We made three separate menu items: Overnight Oatmeal, Lemon Pepper Tuna Chickpea Salad, and Basic Pantry Veggie Skillet.

Wooden scrabble tiles spelling out "Fake News"

Information Literacy

November 2018

This course featured a web guide on how to spot fake news, as well as methods for finding good information sources. Included was a helpful video and an interactive game. All information was carefully selected to make sure that the information was current and helpful to participants.


October 2018

This program was presented by Corporal Pelkey from the Caldwell Police Department. Officer Pelkey discussed how to reduce the chances of theft, as well as information on how to increase daily safety and awareness. This program was presented by School Resource Officer, Tony Snider, and focused on how important it is for parents and children to be safe while using the internet. The presentation featured helpful statistics, videos, and open discussion about the importance of internet safety practices.

Open laptop surrounded by post-it notes with text with words such as "future" "goal" "business" et cetera

Job Seeking Skills

September 2018

Our résumé program helped patrons understand the importance of a strong résumé in today’s workforce. Participants also learned how to incorporate their skills into an outstanding résumé. Participants made changes to existing résumés, built new ones, and learned about file sharing and utilizing Google Drive for personal business. Interview Program Participants learned helpful techniques for job interviews.