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Adventures in Outreach

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Outreach for a library is vital and the tasks are ever-changing and require creative thinking and the ability to problem-solve on the spot. Our focus can change from month to month, depending on a library event, the seasons, community changes, or invitations to engage with the public. Here's a first peek into some recent adventures!

photo of an open calendar

The outreach department at Caldwell Public Library has been preparing our Spring and Summer outreach schedule. In addition to planning, we have been visiting homebound patrons and delivering books, dropping off library made kits and information packets to locations outside of walking distance from the library, and meeting new partners with who we will create action plans to help us assist each other in supporting our community. Interested in our homebound delivery or contactless delivery services? Fill out an application and become a part of our delivery route!

In addition, we have been thankful to celebrate two services that have recently been launched. We have been working hard on supporting our Idaho Laundromat and Literacy program, and we have been excited to finalize our efforts on securing an outreach vehicle that will help us get around Caldwell easier and offer some essential services to our community. The Idaho Laundromat and Literacy program in Caldwell was recently featured on KTVB7!

photo of the library makerspace

Part of planning for the outreach events we are a part of this summer is cleaning our Mobile Makerspace. Leslie (Outreach Services) and I have been cleaning and organizing this Tiny Idahome so that it will look as nice as possible for our future events. Our first event coming up is The Once Upon a Time Library Gala on April 26th! Would you like to come see our Mobile Makerspace, enjoy some food and music, participate in our silent auction, and meet other wonderful people in the community? Come join us for our event!

Once upon a time library gala information

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