• Marina Rose

Did You Know? From Book to Movie

Stack of books and movie reels on a table. One book is open

We’ve all heard of those classic books that inspired timeless films – series like Harry Potter, classics like The Wizard of Oz, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. As a librarian, I’m always surprised to discover great movies that were based on more obscure books. I like to think I’m pretty well versed when it comes to literature, but I had no idea these movies were actually based on books. My first thought was, “Wait, that was a book first?” when I heard about these titles. Some of them you might have known yourself, some might be a surprise. Take a look at this small list I’ve compiled and consider reading the book counterpart! 

Cover photo of Nothing Lasts Forever by Roderick Thorp

Die Hard – Nothing Lasts Forever by Roderick Thorp

Nothing Lasts Forever was originally published in 1979 and was re-released in 2012 as an eBook. Retired police chief, Joe Leland, is visiting the high-rise where his daughter works. While waiting for her Christmas party to end, the building is hijacked by a German Autumn terrorist group. Leland is able to sneak out of the building but must work with the Los Angeles police department to retake the building and save his daughter and the other hostages in the building. Roderick Thorp was inspired to write the book (a sequel to his 1966 novel, The Detective) after watching the film The Towering Inferno and dreaming about a man who is chased through a skyscraper by a group of men with guns. The book was adapted into the move Die Hard and released in 1988. Although the film does not follow the book very closely, some of the book’s dialogue and characters are included in the film, including the main character, Joe Leland whose name was changed to John McClane, famously played by Bruce Willis (although the original choice for the actor was Frank Sinatra).

Cover of Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

Jurassic Park -