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Recommended: Book Search Tools

Need help looking for an upcoming read or the next book in a series? This blog post will give you a few tools to help you navigate this process.

Screenshot of the Fantastic Fiction header, it shows the search bar, displaying an author search for Marissa Meyer.
Screenshot showing the top section of a fantastic fiction listing for Marissa Meyer

One of my favorite websites for searching for books and series is Fantastic Fiction. Most days, library staff will have patrons come in asking for the next book in a series, when James Patterson’s newest book is coming out, and what books we recommend. Fantastic Fiction is a very easy way to get those questions answered. This website will show new, upcoming, and release dates for books. Readers can search for books by author, title, and series. There are also previews of books and recommendations from authors. With Fantastic Fiction, there is also a way to sign up on their page and add favorite authors and books you have read. After the authors are added, they will start sending emails letting the reader know when new books are being released. This can be helpful if you are a voracious reader like I am and can’t wait to see when the next book will be available.

Screenshot of Goodreads home page, four book lists are featured: "Books That Everyone should Read at Least Once," Best Young Adult Books," "Books That Should Be Made Into Movies," and "Best Books of the 20th Century."

Goodreads is another great site to look for books. You can explore by title or author through this search engine. This website also has a login if you want to keep track of what you have read in the past and what you are currently reading now. You can also make lists on Goodreads and add titles to them like favorites, DNF (did not finish), and come back to this one. I love this website because it gives excellent suggestions for other books that are similar in a particular genre if you want a new read. It also has a “popular list” section to see what other users are reading and has their reviews to help you decide on your next read. Another feature they offer is something I mentioned in a previous blog post on reading challenges. You can set a goal of how many books you would like to read in a year, and it will track your progress.

Screenshot of Google Books that shows which local libraries have ebook availability. The top of the image says "Borrow" and "Available Near You."

Google Books can also be helpful when looking for books. This tool is one that I recently discovered. Of course, you can search the web on Google for books, but this site will only bring up books related to your query. With Google Books, you can preview the book, see the cover art, and even read a few chapters. There is an option to see more editions if you are looking for an older book. Another benefit is to find out if the book is available locally through a nearby library. With Google Books, you can also add it to your online library, read reviews from other readers, and see similar books to the one you are searching for. If you are having trouble finding out more about a book, the advanced search preference could help. You can search by subject, publisher, language, and much more.

These tools should assist any reader in finding a new book, a book from a series, a book they could not remember the title to, and so much more. I hope you enjoy these websites as much as I do. And of course, if all else fails in your search for books, please give us a call here at the library, and we would be happy to assist you in finding the book you are looking for!

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