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Recommended Reading for the Holidays

The air is crisp and cool, growing colder every day. Thanksgiving is in a couple of days, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Year's will be here before we know it. Can you think of a better time to curl up with a mug of cocoa and a good book? Maybe you could organize a reading party with your family during your holiday get-together... but if your family is anything like mine you'll have to wait until after the holiday festivities to sink into your favorite chair and read the night away. Here are some suggestions to get you through the short days and long nights of the holiday season.

Twelve stories by twelve bestselling young adult authors, including Holly Black, Rainbow Rowell, and Ally Carter! And the best part? There is a story for nearly all the December holidays - Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, and New Year's! So no matter what holiday you celebrate - or absolutely LOVE - this book has a story for you. So put on your cozy socks and start reading!

Have you heard of the Christmas Truce of 1914? The Great War was still in its early stages and the men were weary from fighting. But amidst the conflict and strife, the Germans decided to light candles on small Christmas trees and soon men from all sides were breaking bread and celebrating the Christmas season together. They had hopes that the war would soon be over, but as we all know, it wasn't. Military historian Stanley Weintraub recreates that special, nearly-forgotten truce of 1914 in this moving book.

In Marley, Jon Clinch reimagines A Christmas Carol by Lewis Carroll, focusing closely on the relationship between Jacob Marley and Ebenezer Scrooge. If you remember, Jacob Marley is already dead in A Christmas Carol. In Marley, Clinch goes back in time to when Scrooge and Marley met at Professor Drabb's Academy for Boys. Marley has a strong influence on Scrooge - teaching him the art of extortion. The boys form a bond that lasts into adulthood, and they establish a lucrative shipping business. But Marley has his eyes on Scrooge's sister, Fran, playing emotional games just to toy with her. For the first time, the men find themselves at odds and start a shady war with each other, full of lies, deceit, and murder.

In a country known for its rainy days and afternoon teas, cosy is just part of the culture. But we all know that life isn't always cosy. This book examines the small things that give us pleasure and how more people are choosing simple, cosy lives over adventurous, busy ones. Laura Weir acknowledges the overwhelm of modern life while offering advice on embracing the simple. It's specifically written for folks in the U.K., but its principles can be applied to people around the world. What better way to spend the holidays than learning the importance of being cosy/cozy?

What kind of holiday reading list would this be without a little bit of romance? This book is technically number four in The Wedding Date series, but don't be afraid to start with this book - you won't get lost, I promise.

Vivian Forest has only left the country once, so she's thrilled for the opportunity to tag along on her daughter's work trip to England. Spending the holidays sight-seeing in Europe? Yes, please! Shortly after arriving, Vivian finds herself instantly attracted to Malcolm Hudson, one of the Queen's private secretaries. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he is instantly attracted to her as well. They make excuses just to spend time together and when they find themselves under the mistletoe they finally share a kiss. Almost instantly they are engaged in a full-fledged fling - with New Year's Day looming around the corner and the end of Vivian's time in England, will they be able to say good-bye?

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