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Screen-Free Activities for Kids and Families

Updated: Jan 3

So many suggested activities are linked to a website or app. How about some UNPLUGGED resources for families with time on their hands?

Table with multiple open notebooks and pens laying across it

NaNoWriMo Write a novel! Seem crazy? Check out NaNoWriMo, the idea site for National Novel Writers’ Month. You don’t have to limit writing to November, though. Encourage your family to try writing a story or even a novel … today.

31 Kids' Crafts from Highlights Remember “Highlights” magazine? Well, you can still enjoy the fun of their suggestions online. One “unplugged” idea is simple crafts, like making clay or creating a paper bag village.

toilet paper roll rocket craft

Recycled Art Project When budgets are tight, it doesn’t get better than recycled art for fun at home! Reuse those boxes, jars, egg cartons, lids and (of course) the toilet paper tubes!

Indoor Games & Activities for Kids Get that heart pumping! But don’t just tell the kids to start moving. Be sure to join in the fun yourself; everyone can use some stress-relief about now.

Indoor Home Activities for Families Everything from cooking to building with LEGOs to reading a book is fair game in the “unplugged” category. Enjoy!

Was this list helpful? We will be posting every few days to keep you up to date on resources and activities. If you have an idea for a blog post, let us know!

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