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Tween and Teen Kit: Paracord Bracelets

"Teen & Tween Thursday: Paracord Bracelets *Requires burning parts of the cord, ask guardian for help. Ages 12-18"

Hi everyone, Ellie and Michael here back at it with a new kit for all of you ages 12-18. For the holiday season, we thought we would give you all the things you need (minus a heat source) to make a cool snap paracord bracelet. Paracord is parachute cord and is rated for how much weight it can handle. After doing some research about the best type to use for these bracelets, the cord we've included in the kits is 550.

Photo of a light blue and red paracord bracelet

If you weren't able to get one of the kits from the library, each kit contains two colors of paracord rope and a snap buckle from Amazon. Please note: you will need a heat source (lighter, candle, etc.) to melt part of the cord together at the beginning and at the end. Please ASK for assistance from an adult if you need help - safety is our first priority.

This process is a little complicated, so I've linked the video on Youtube by ParacordKnots that I used for directions, but you might check out this video by Kevin Brauer as well with more vocal instructions. It is important to check your progress each step of the way and make sure the direction your cords are pointing in relation to the buckle is correct. Don't be afraid to go slow! At the end, you'll have a cool creation.

Thank you for joining us in crafting, we will see you next month with String Art kits! Have a wonderful holiday, Ellie and Michael

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