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Tween and Teen Kit: Silhouette Jars

Enjoy April's craft kit from Ellie and Michael at the Caldwell Public Library!

This month we wanted to give you supplies to create a luminescent jar with a few easy steps. We will be walking through the process with pictures but, as always, it's your craft, feel free to personalize and make anything you'd like!

The Silhouette Jar Kit contains:

  • 1 glass jar with a screw-top lid

  • 3 strands of colorful ribbon

  • various colored pieces of tissue paper

  • glue

  • vinyl stickers

  • 1 no-flame tea candle

You'll need a paintbrush (on the smaller side) and something to cover the surface you are working on - this craft has the potential to get messy!

Step One: Lay out your supplies and set up a work area

Before you start gluing, make sure you have a plan of action for your jar. We are going to be gluing the tissue paper to the inside while the vinyl stickers will go on the outside. We've given you a variety of paper colors, you can layer them any way you'd like - just be aware that if your tissue is too thick anywhere, your light might not shine through the glass.

ribbon, glue, paintbrush, tissue paper, jar, vinyl
Supplies for the Silhouette Jars

Step Two: Add Tissue Paper to the inside of Jar

Use your paintbrush to add a little glue to the inside of the jar - glue can dry fast so only use a little at a time instead of coating the entire jar. As you add glue, take pieces of tissue paper and carefully press them into the glue. If you want to make sure it really sticks, add some glue on top of the tissue paper as well.

inside of silhouette jar with one piece of tissue paper glued

Repeat this process with colors and patterns you want - just remember, too much tissue paper in one place might keep the light from shining through. Once you are all finished, your jar should look similar to our example jar (your colors might be different).

inside of silhouette jar after adding tissue paper

Step Three: Add vinyl stickers

In your kit, there is a set of vinyl stickers for you to put on the outside of your jar. These will block the light from the candle in your jar - be sure to stick them wherever you'd like! Keep in mind that stickers on the glass threads of the jar will be covered by the lid.

vinyl stickers on sheet in front of silhouette jar
side view of silhouette jar with vinyl stickers

Step Four: Add ribbon and lid (optional)

We've included the jar top and some ribbon to decorate the top if you'd like. You can leave the jar open, the light should still shine through the jar.

finished silhouette jar without lid, lid and tea light next to jar

In the end, you'll have an amazing jar to show off in the light and in the dark!

Silhouette jar with tea light shining from inside.

Enjoy your craft! We'll see you next month for another great activity!

-Ellie and Michael

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