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What's Love Got To Do With It? (Continued)

What's love got to do with it? Well, pretty much everything if you are searching through our catalog! Hello and welcome to another love filled post this Valentines Day week! I am sticking to the same format as last year's post and doing a search for "Love" in our catalog. Let's see what there is out on the shelves at our library that would be interesting to check out for this holiday!

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Adult Fiction

Love, by Doyle Roddy. Using the general keyword search "love" and then refining the search to only items available at Caldwell Public library, we land on this book as one of the top options. According to the jacket summary, "As two friends try to reconcile their versions of the past over the course of one night, Love offers a delightfully comic yet moving portrait of the many forms love can take throughout our lives." This book looks really interesting. It is set in a Dublin restaurant and is a conversation style novel recounting the history of a friendship between two men.

Adult Non-Fiction

It's all love: reflections for your heart & soul by Jenna Ortega. This short read is full of positivity and inspiration from the actress who's fame has exploded since the Netflix series Wednesday became a sensation. Using themes and quotes, Jenna Ortega then expands the words into a summary of how each reflection relates to her every day life. Some libraries have this catalogued as a teen non-fiction. Ours is in the general non-fiction area. Check this one out to gain some inspiration for your day to day life!


Love's enduring promise stars January Jones, Logan Bartholomew, Dale Midkiff, and Katherine Heigl and is one of many in a series of films from Janette Oke's Keepsake novel series. I cannot tell you how excited I am to watch this movie since I am a huge fan of January Jones and recently I have began a journey into western media. I may even expand out into watching the other films as well as read the books...


Your heart, my sky: love in a time of hunger by Margarita Engle. In the summer of 1991, the people of Cuba are starving. Liana and Amado find each other as they refuse to participate in "volunteer farm labor." Through a back and forth conversation written in the most interesting format of poetry to poetry, the two form a loving bond that gives them endurance to face the constant hunger they are endearing. With bits and pieces of Spanish added in and snippets of a time period in 1991 which the author's relatives have experienced, a story of love and hunger emerges.

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American Love by Jake Owen. This is a country album released in 2016 and features his #1 hit single American Country Love Song. According to an album review article written in 2016 by, "The record is furnished with huge country fireworks, intended to touch the soul and harbour a smiling warmth." The album cover art is adorable, Jake sits in a vintage VW van on a beachy landscape, looking like he doesn't have a care in the world. I feel like I need more vibes like these in my life.

Kids music

Kidz Bop. 37 popped up for our search that was refined to show only items at Caldwell Library, for kids, and as a music CD. It came up because some of the song titles feature the word "love" in it. I have not listened to Kidz Bop in a very long time, but if it seems like your style, we have it in stock!

Children's picture book

Love, by Matt de la Peña. This beautiful and deep book was really moving. The picture book has wonderful illustrations and shows how love shows up in our lives in various forms, constantly, from different people in our lives. The love of a mother, father, grandmother, community, and others manifest in various forms, creating a tapestry of support for our main character. Check out this book to see for yourself!

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Children's chapter book

Faded love by John R. Erickson. This is the 5th book in the Hank the Cowdog series and I have never heard of it but was instantly amused by the fantastic expression that the dog has. This dog is on the case. He has suspicions and will figure it all out. A coworker of mine says that it was one of her favorite chapter books as a kid. After reading a few chapters, I thought it was really fun and I sort of wanted to finish reading the whole thing. Hank goes in search of Miss Beulah, who is his true love, after a series of annoying situations arise during his daily rounds. Too bad Plato the bird dog is also looking to hang out with Miss Beulah. Check this book out to see how everything turns out!

Children's non-fiction

I spy: I love you by Jean Marzollo. Who doesn't love a good I Spy book? Scavenger hunt style books and games are great for your young learners, and a lot of fun with sibling and parent participation as well! Being able to find items from the pages challenges their skills and encourages them to also pay attention to the world around them. Are you looking for more ideas to incorporate scavenger hunt style games in your every day learning activities? Check out this article from Scholastic about ways to encourage observation skills for the kiddos!

More to explore!

Want to try to find your own books based around the keyword search "Love?" Or maybe you want to try to find other topics based on just one or two keywords! Whatever you are curious about finding and learning, the catalog is a fun tool to utilize in your exploration. And don't worry, if you get lost, your librarians at Caldwell Public Library are available to assist you in finding the materials you are on the hunt for. Happy exploring and have a fun filled holiday week!

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